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Taking care of crewing
Sea Lux Sàrl  Bertrange, Luxemburg

Sea Lux Ltd. Limassol, Cyprus

Telephone: +357-255 85 865


Sea Lux

Sea Lux is an international recruitment and crewing bureau, based in Bertrange, Luxembourg and Limassol, Cyprus.  

The object of Sea Lux is to supply the best possible service, both: to our clients and to our employees.

We are always looking for the best solutions for our client's personnel issues.
We can offer a single employee or a total crew; serving a temporary project, or a long term project; all over the world.

We can supply maritime specialist for inland shipping, merchant shipping, tankers, towage, offshore and all other related maritime activities.

Our experienced team will guaranty the best selection from available resources, provided by our own office in Poland (covering the entire east-Europe) or by our contacts in the Philippines.  Our team will operate with a flexible, effective and "no nonsense" maritime mentality. 

We are based in Luxemburg and Cyprus but we work together with an international network of maritime bureaus and agencies in Switzerland, Poland, Rumania, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Please feel free to contact us, and discuss your possibilities with Sea Lux.

T: +357-255 85 865


Sea Lux Ltd. is now a ISO9001 certified company.


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